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Op zoek naar een (nieuwe) vastgoed website?

A website is more than just a digital business card. It’s your stage, your showcase, your chance to shine in the real estate world. But what if your current website doesn’t have that spark? Maybe the design is outdated, it’s not working properly, or it’s just not getting the results you need. That’s not just a shame, it’s a missed opportunity. Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have for selling your properties quickly, and it’s time to take full advantage of it!

I’m Senne, founder of web design and marketing agency Fly Media, and my passion is bringing brands like yours to life. We are not just another web design company; we are storytellers, digital artists, and most importantly, your allies in creating an unforgettable online presence.

We are here to transform your website from “mwah” to “wow.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities or receive a free quote for your real estate website? Please contact us, we always respond within 24 hours!

100% tailor-made

Every office and every broker is different. There is no off-the-shelf solution that is ideal for everyone.

That’s why every website is completely custom built for the real estate office, with the features and layout you want.

This way you can always be sure of a 100% unique website!

CRM connecions

The main task of a real estate website is of course to put your properties in the spotlight.

You can choose to add new properties manually or automatically.

If you already work with a CRM system such as Whise or Omnicasa, we will take care of the full custom integration so that properties and contact requests are fully automated between your website and CRM system!

PDF files, posters, and more

Besides the online presence, we also think about the offline experience of your potential (re)buyers and (re)tenants.

For example, we always offer the possibility to integrate extensive PDF files into your website, which interested parties can easily download and print. These are generated fully automatically for each property on the website.

Custom window posters are also among the possibilities, just like any other PDF document you can think of!

100% customized, so again the possibilities for personalization are endless.

Don't miss a single request

Don’t miss any inquiries from potential buyers or tenants, with various forms we integrate into the website.

Do you work with a CRM? Then we link the forms to it so that new contacts are automatically synchronized immediately.

In addition to property forms, we can also take care of appraisal requests, ‘keep me informed’ requests and various other forms!

Why choose for Fly Media?

Custom design

Every real estate website always starts with a custom design. Unlike many other web designers, we do not use existing themes or templates but start from an empty website, so we can always build your website 100% custom and with the most flexibility.

This way we are also not dependent on existing systems or designs, which of course increases the creativity and possibilities enormously!

Of course, the design is always responsive, so the website looks great on any device and screen size.

Personal guidance

Personal guidance from the first email until well after the website is delivered. Together we look at the needs of your office, what the website should look like, what it should be able to do, and more importantly: how you see a successful website.

After delivery, you will receive all the instructions you need to get started with the website to update pages or add new content yourself.

With our web hosting and maintenance, we stay with you to make sure your website keeps working optimally, 24/7!


Transparency is a trait we are very proud of. Right from the start we like to provide you with a transparent, clear and comprehensive quote that explains every step of the website process, along with the different components of the quote and of course the price.

No hidden costs, snags or long-term contracts you’re stuck with. Just clarity and transparency, from start to finish.

Even during and after the collaboration, we continue to communicate transparently about every step of the process. For example, during the construction of the website you will receive a ‘secret’ URL where you can view all progress and make adjustments where necessary.


Our websites run on WordPress, just about the most user-friendly and widely used CMS (Content Management System) available today; as many as 40% of all websites run on WordPress.

Through the simple administration panel, you can work by yourself to add new pages, change photos and text, and use other specific features of your website.

If you work with Whise, Omnicasa or any other real estate CRM system, we will provide the proper integration so that properties are fully automatically synchronized 24/7!

By the way, after delivery of the website you will always receive a WordPress training if desired, so that everything is clear right from the start!

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